Cat Spare Parts to Have On-Hand for Your Heavy Equipment: Hydraulics

Hydraulics are crucial to the operation of your Cat machines. In fact, without hydraulics, you’d be getting a whole of nothing in terms of work. Having hydraulic spare parts on-hand can save you from lengthy downtimes.

Wagner Equipment Co is a Cat dealer with locations all throughout Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas. We specialize in being your go-to Caterpillar dealer by offering the best new, used, and rental heavy equipment, as well as Genuine Cat parts and top-rated service. We offer power systems for your remote work or for backup power, as well as technology to help you get more work done quicker. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the best hydraulics to have on-hand. Contact one of our Cat dealers today!

How do hydraulics work?

Hydraulics work by shooting hydraulic fluid into a small area at high speed, the result is a large upward force that then can be used to move very heavy objects. This is how a boom works on any of our heavy equipment, such as an excavator. Known as Pascal’s principle, the force is magnified because of the play of small forces in a larger area acting causing a large force in a small area in order to equalize the pressure. You can think of this like the contraction and release of your body’s muscles.



Cat Tubes & Pipes

Cat tubes and pipes for hydraulics help to convey fluid or air in the hydraulic system. They are made of the highest quality materials (usually steel) and are designed for longevity and to withstand tough conditions. They are used when you don’t need flexibility. Our 498-4902: TUBE comes with a full warranty and fits tractors and pipelayers. Try our 519-7657: STEEL TUBE ASSEMBLY, which are great for excavators.


Cat accumulators, such as our 2050227: ACCUMULATOR GP-D, play a vital role in hydraulic systems. These Genuine Cat parts are pressure storage reservoirs that help a hydraulic system to manage extreme demands placed upon it. They store pressure, which, as we’ve learned, is important to the fundamentals of hydraulics. These Cat parts allow the hydraulic system to use less powerful pumps so they can respond to quick demands for pressure when needed, such as for pressure spikes. 

You can also use accumulators in brake and suspension systems. Don’t forget your accumulator seal kit, such as our 433-4456: KIT SEAL for when seals break. These kits obtain all required seals, backup rings, and O-rings so your accumulator will function optimally.

Cylinders & Rods

The heart of your hydraulic system are cylinders and rods. Our 513-3691: CYL GP-0190, for example, is a complete Cat hydraulic cylinder arrangement with all that you need to move blades, buckets, and other Cat tools. They help you refine the steering control for more efficient movements and therefore work loads. These Cat hydraulic cylinder arrangements consist of the tube and rod assemblies and they are ready to install. Cat cylinders are manufactured with the highest-quality and thickest walls for longer life. Great for Cat excavators.

Pumps & Motors

In a hydraulic system, it’s critical to keep the fluids moving. Our 6Y-4464: GEAR ASSEMBLY-OIL PUMP drives the components of oil pumps, which ensures that the oil to your transmission system stays in motion and circulates. This assembly consists of the shaft, gear, retaining ring, and woodruff key. Designed to be used in wheel-type loaders and integrated tool carriers. Our 352-7959: COVER ASSEMBLY-PUMP is a Cat spare part that is an oil pump cover with sleeve bearings. Use with wheel loaders and M10 hardware.

Fittings & AdaptersFittings & Adapters

Fittings and adapters for Cat machinery have a lot to do with the control of the hydraulic fluids. For instance, our 475-2788: VALVE ASSEMBLY-CONTROL is a Cat control valve assembly that controls the flow rate of fluids. Used to service mulching head cylinders in the hydraulic system of your heavy machinery, this Cat part features an anodized aluminum manifold, a control valve, STOR O-ring, and a two-bolt mount. It can withstand high pressure with a max flow at 20L/min or 5.28 gal/min.

Our 156-9791: STRAIGHT ADAPTER is a fluid carrying component that is designed to provide leak-free connections, help with operating pressure, offer an assembly torque capacity, and give corrosion protection. This helps to ensure maximum lifespan and proper machine functionality.


Hydraulics hosesCaterpillar pours the latest technology into everything that we do, from our heavy equipment to machine control systems and our parts. Our parts are engineered to outperform all competitors and to last longer, saving you money in the long run with replacement costs. It’s important to order Genuine Cat parts online or at one of our Cat dealer stores in order to guarantee top-rated value.

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