Cat Spare Parts to Have On-Hand for Your Heavy Equipment: Belts

Belts are integral to the operation of your engine, first and foremost, and then to other accessories that help improve performance of your vehicle or piece of heavy equipment, such as your air conditioning, alternator, water pump, and more. These simple machines help to transfer energy or power to your machinery. Often overlooked because they require very little maintenance and aren’t as popular as accessories, it’s important to maintain your heavy equipment and the health of your belts.

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Most vehicles run on two belts: the serpentine and the timing belt. However, there are also drive belts, or V-belts and cogged belts as well that may be in use, depending upon the application.

Serpentine Belt

A serpentine belt is a type of V-belt that is grooved but wider and longer. They are often called fan belts due to the fact in older vehicles, they powered the radiator fan. However, in modern vehicles, oftentimes just one belt is used to power all of the systems and accessories. They are used in a pulley system to power many accessory systems. Caterpillar offers many Cat Serpentine Belts, including our 476-2691 Belt. This rubber belt has eight ribs and is used in heavy-duty applications and machinery. Our 476-2690 Belt features 12 ribs for heavy-duty use as well.

Drive Belt or V-Belt

Drive belts are usually found in older vehicles and are wide. There are usually several of these to help with power steering, air conditioning, and to power the alternator, radiator fan, and water pump. The advantage to multiple belts is that if one breaks, you may still be able to get to an automotive shop for repairs. V-belts are the most common drive belts and have a great efficiency rate. Caterpillar offers our 513-8590 V-Belt to transmit power from the engine to the other accessories of Cat heavy-duty equipment. These come in sets as well, such as our 529-7675 V-Belt Set.

Cogged Belts

This type of belt looks different than other belts. These belts have slots that run perpendicular to the belt’s length, which help to reduce bending resistance. They are popular because they run cooler than standard V-belts and last longer, while increasing efficiency by up to 2%. Cat offers many types of these Cat parts, including our 030-3289 Cogged V-Belt and our belt sets, such as our 130-3216 Cogged V-Belt (Set of 2).

Timing Belt

Timing belts, or synchronous belts, are located inside your engine and are used to help keep the crankshaft and camshaft running together. They help to keep the engine’s intake and exhaust valves running perfecting and in time with the pistons. These belts are also called cogged belts because the grooves in the belt are designed to fit the cogwheels that are a part of the crankshaft and camshaft design. These belts don’t slip due to their grooves and are therefore more efficient at high torque. Their efficiency rate is 98%.

Tips to Replace Your Belts

As mentioned above, belts wear out, so it’s important to invest in regular maintenance of your Cat heavy machinery in order to monitor its wear. Signs of belt fatigue include:

  • Squealing noises
  • Frequent engine overheating
  • Visible cracks in your belts
  • AC system fails or your power steering
  • Frayed belt
  • Grooved belt with the grooves worn down
  • Battery failure


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