Best Heavy Equipment for Site Preparation

Best Heavy Equipment for Site Preparation wagner equipment co

Properly preparing a site for construction is super important in the building and construction industry. Just like the foundation supports the entire building, the ground that the building sits on supports the building. Most of us have experienced what happens when a building sinks: the foundations can crack and the structure of the building is fundamentally compromised.

Wagner Equipment Co offers the best heavy equipment, including new, used, and rental, for site preparation and other uses. Caterpillar has been around for over 100 years and continues to be a leader and pioneer in construction technology and applications. We strive to make our heavy equipment better, so that you can work more efficiently and easier, plus save money in fuel efficiency and more. Backed by our values in action, we put the customers’ needs first. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the best heavy equipment for site preparation. Contact our team at one of our Cat dealer locations in Colorado, New Mexico, or far west Texas to get started today!

What is Site Preparation?

Like it sounds, site preparation is preparing a site for its future use, such as for building, road construction, land clearing, and more. The goal is to have stable ground for those uses. Some sites may be easy to prepare, especially if a building stood there before or it’s flat land. Other sites may pose more of a challenge. Site preparation is always the first step in the construction industry, forestry, and more.


Skid Steers

Isn’t it funny how the skid steer shows up on all of our lists for best construction equipment? Here it is again for site preparation. As we’ve said before, the skid steer is insanely versatile. It is smaller than most other pieces of heavy equipment, but it still can pack quite the punch when it comes to doing work. It can maneuver into and out of time spaces, and the skid steer sits close to the ground, which makes it one of the easier pieces of construction equipment to drive. This offers a better line of sight, making them safe on job sites. With dozens of Cat attachments available for use, the skid steer is an ideal piece of machinery for site preparation work.


Excavators are probably the most recognized piece of construction equipment on a job site. They involve a boom and stick with a bucket attached, and they are digging machines that can do an incredible amount of work. The concept of an excavator has been around for millenia. After all, it’s a simple machine that was first seen in ancient Egypt when the shaduf appeared. It’s simple physics really: a bucket is attached to one end of a stick that then uses leverage to lift. The efficiency is incredible and mind-boggling at the same time. So simple, yet so effective. When hydraulics were added to this machine in 1882, the use and effectiveness exploded. Today, an enormous amount of material is moved by excavators that makes our worlds and sites better.

Dump Truck

When you are involved in site preparation, there will be a lot of material that needs to be moved to and fro, especially if there is digging involved. Having a good way to move all of this excess material either off the job site or to another spot where it will be repurposed is crucial. A dump truck or articulated truck can get the job done right and quickly. An excavator or skid loader can grab a load and then lift it easily into the dump truck that then can whisk the material away to where it needs to go. This not only speeds up your site prep, but it also just makes sense.

Wheel Loaders

Wheel loaders are similar to skid steer loaders except they are designed for moving large amounts of material very quickly. Whether you need asphalt, dirt, construction materials and debris, logs, gravel, rock, or more moved, this piece of machinery can do it all. Besides the construction industry and site prep work, you’ll find these pieces of heavy equipment used in mining, forestry, waste management, material handling, road maintenance, and so much more. Wagner Equipment Co carries more than 20 different Caterpillar wheel loaders of varying sizes to meet your site prep needs. We also build the world’s largest wheel loader, which you can buy or rent from us. Learn more today.


If you are looking for the standard in site preparation equipment, consider the backhoe. Composed of a tractor, a loader, and a backhoe, this versatile piece of machinery is great for multiple uses in site prep work. It can transport materials, dig and excavate, help with paving, break up materials, such as rock beds, and so much more. With Cat attachments, this machine can do everything you need it to do for site prep work. Perhaps no other piece of machinery increases productivity more than the backhoe loader. They are relatively small in size when compared to other pieces of machinery, making them easy to transport and use. Learn more today.


In today’s world, you truly can’t compete without heavy machinery. Heavy equipment can do so much more work and so many more different types of work than humans can do that they have become necessary to do any type of site prep work. That being said, those listed above are the best for site prep due to their design and function.

Caterpillar heavy machinery is built to handle the toughest tasks, the worst weather, and the harshest conditions, such as muddy soil or difficult terrain. Caterpillar has been the world leader in heavy equipment for decades, and with our investment in technology, that track record looks to continue for the foreseeable future.

Wagner Equipment Co offers the best new, used, and rental construction equipment for your needs. As the world continues to grow, there is no end in sight for the construction industry. People will always need homes, roads to drive on, and services to meet their needs. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to meet those needs efficiently and affordably. We offer financing on all of our construction equipment, and we have lots of work tools to meet your needs. We offer machine control systems and site positioning systems through our partner, SITECH Rocky Mountain, to further help your site preparation work.

If you are interested in our site prep machinery, reach out to one of our Caterpillar dealers in Colorado, New Mexico, or far west Texas to get started today!