Air Compressor Rental

Here at Wagner Equipment Co, a Cat dealer for Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas, we offer heavy equipment rentals. However, we also offer a whole slew of other rentals, including work tools, power systems, and air compressors. An air compressor stores pressurized air for use. From inflating tires to powering pneumatic nail guns, there are many uses for air compressors.

Wagner Equipment Co offers air compressors for rent or for sale. Our team has over 40 years of experience in helping homeowners and business owners get the heavy equipment they need in order to perform the tasks and work they need to do. Our mission is to keep you moving, which means not only do we sell Caterpillar heavy machinery, but we also offer Genuine Cat parts, factory-certified service technicians, and technological innovations, such as fluids analysis, to ensure the health and promote the longevity of your machinery. Below, we’ll take a look at the benefits of air compressor rentals. Contact one of our Caterpillar dealers to get started today!


Great For Occasional Needs

A commercial air compressor can be an investment you may not need to make if you only need an air compressor for occasional uses. It is much more affordable to rent air compressors than purchase one if you will only be using it for a certain period of time or only for one-off projects. This savings in capital costs can ripple throughout your balance sheets, as well as impact tax season as well.

Have the Latest in Technology

While an air compressor may seem like a piece of equipment that stays relatively the same from year to year, air compressor technology is always growing and innovating just like any other type of heavy machinery. When you invest in an air compressor rental from Wagner Equipment, you’ll be sure to have the latest model with the best technology and the capacity levels to meet your needs.

No Maintenance or Insurance Costs

If your business already owns a lot of heavy equipment, you understand the cost to maintain it and to insure it. By investing in an air compressor rental, you won’t have to worry about either of these factors. Your local Cat dealer in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas will maintain and repair your air compressor rental, and the cost of insurance is paid for by the rental company, not you. Plus, you can rely on renting an air compressor that has been maintained up to factory standards, meaning it will work when you need it to.

Versatile Uses

Oftentimes, your air compressor rental company will have everything you need for the tasks you need to perform. For example, if you are using pneumatic tools, the rental company will have all of the hoses you need for the air compressor. The ability to procure all of the tools and attachments you need to be successful at your job in one convenient location can save you time and money. Thus, if you are using spray guns for painting, nail guns for roofing, or you love having the ability to have air for car tires readily available in your automotive shop, consider a rental air compressor from Wagner Equipment today!

Helps for Equipment Failure

If your business relies on compressed air, such as for production line uses, then a failed air compressor can spell disaster for your production and ultimately for your bottomline. Having air compressor rentals in place that can help ensure you have minimal downtime while you troubleshoot and repair your normal air compressors can save your bottomline. In addition, if you are planning on performing maintenance or a temporary shutdown of a production line, air compressor rentals can help fill that gap while your others are inoperable.

Helps Meet Seasonal Demand

For many companies, they have peak seasons, depending on what type of business they own. During the peak months, you may need more compressed air than in other months. Thus, it makes sense to invest in rental air compressors in order to increase the temporary rise in demand rather than invest in new air compressors and have them sit idle for many months when they are not needed. Plus, consider the weather as well. Many air compressor rentals sit outside due to the fact they are needed on location. When the cold hits, you may need additional air compressor rentals in case the performance is affected by hard-hitting temperatures.


Wagner Equipment Co offers new, used, and rental heavy equipment, as well as rental air compressors, for your use. We understand that you may not either want or need to invest in every piece of equipment you need to get the job done. Since our air compressor rentals are portable, this may be one piece of equipment you prefer to rent rather than purchase.

Our Power Systems line offers a whole host of power options for rent, including electrical power generators and air compressors. You can also invest in contained gensets and air compressors that help to keep the elements out and the sound in. Wagner Rental Power also offers gensets and air compressors in trailer-mounted units for your convenience. In addition, we offer smaller rental air compressors up to 375 CFM for more residential and smaller job need use.

If you are interested in our air compressor rentals, contact a Wagner Caterpillar dealer near you. Alternatively, check out our used air compressors for sale for incredible deal and value today!