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When running a business, you always have to be cognizant of costs. They can be paramount to your survival. You have to be able to justify all expenses and keep them in check so that the income that you bring in will pay not only for your expenses, but amount to profits as well.

Wagner Equipment Co has been serving Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas since 1976 as a Caterpillar dealer. We’re proud to offer the best heavy equipment in the business, including heavy equipment rentals and used heavy equipment, in order to help you accomplish your work, be it construction, demolition, road building and maintenance, mining, forestry, agriculture, and more. Furthermore, we do everything we can to help your small business cut costs, which is why we offer our Caterpillar component rebuilding services. Having your machine rebuilt extends the longevity of your machine and cuts the cost in half. Plus, you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Whether you are rebuilding your hydraulics, your engine, or your entire Cat machine, you are helping to save on source materials and more. Contact one of our Cat dealers to find out your options and to learn more today!

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  • Saves money. Perhaps the number one reason to invest in rebuilt Cat components is the amount of money you will save. When your Cat machine has begun to show signs of aging, most likely it needs a major overhaul. Whether you choose our Certified Rebuild for your entire Cat machine or you just need a component part done, such as our Certified Machine Component Rebuild program, you will be saving a lot of money versus buying new. Our expert service technicians can work magic for your Cat heavy equipment, bringing it life where it didn’t exist before. Call one of Wagner’s dealers to learn more today.
  • Saves the environment. As you can imagine, it takes a lot of materials, energy, and labor to build a brand new Cat machine. After all, these machines weigh thousands of tons; that’s a lot of weight in materials. Thus, when you partner with Caterpillar for our rebuilt Cat components, you’ll be repurposing your existing materials with few minor new parts needed, using less fossil fuels to manufacture parts, and taking less time in labor to have your Cat machine as good as new.
  • Get new technology. As you know technology is always growing by leaps and bounds, and if you have an older Cat machine, its technology is way outdated. The beauty of partnering with Cat for a complete machine rebuild is that your Cat machine receives over 350 tests and inspections, the automatic replacement of about 7,000 parts, and genuine Cat parts. You’ll receive all of the bells and whistles of new Cat machines, from an updated LCD operator display to mirrors, instrument panel lights, and so much more. Call Wagner for all the details today.
  • Get financing. Caterpillar financing can help you with the cost of our Caterpillar Component Rebuilding process. Sometimes, Caterpillar runs special financing offers just for those interested in financing a rebuild. This can help get you into a like-new Cat machine that can keep working for you, while having low monthly payments and interest rates that will pay for itself. Call a Cat dealer near you to learn more today!

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  • Inspection and evaluation. You can rest assured that your Cat machine will be thoroughly evaluated before we begin your major component rebuild project. From fluid analysis to visual inspections and more, we’ll develop a customized plan for your rebuild project. Our Certified Rebuild includes over 350 tests, and our Certified Power Train rebuild includes about 200 tests.
  • Disassembly. Your entire Cat machine will be disassembled, replacing over 7,000 parts in machines and over 3,000 in power trains. From hoses and belts to seals and gaskets, you can rest assured you’ll be getting genuine Cat parts you can rely on.
  • Reconditioning. Your Cat machine’s hydraulics will receive an overhaul as they are returned to their original performance levels. Electronic control modules will be replaced, along with software. Frames are checked for damage and fixed, and shaft bearings are replaced — all using Genuine Caterpillar parts.
  • Engineering updates. Any updates your Cat machine has missed will be implemented.
  • Power train tests. As part of the main power generators, your power train is crucial to your Cat machine’s operation. From the engine and transmission to the torque converter and differential, all will be reconditioned and updated with genuine Cat parts.
  • Reassembly. We will then put all of the component parts back together. Engine wiring harnesses and other wiring will be replaced, as well as pressure settings checked.
  • Performance testing. Now for the fun part! We’ll field test your Cat machine, as well as perform turbocharger boosts, throttle response, hydraulic pressure, and steering clutch response tests to ensure your Cat machine is ready for action. Call Wagner Equipment Co today!

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Wagner Equipment Co is passionate about helping small businesses obtain the heavy equipment they need to get the job done. This is why we offer all types of heavy equipment, from new, used, and rental, for all types of applications and industries, such as agriculture, construction, demolition, mining, forestry, and more. We offer generous financing options so that you can have the equipment you need to start working today. Our Cat-certified field service technicians can meet you where you are to help you get your misbehaving heavy machinery moving again. Our Cat Parts Stores at all of our Cat dealers in Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas have the spare Cat parts you need, when you need them. Our technology allows us to perform fluid analysis on your Cat machine, as well as offer you machine and grade control systems.

Wagner Equipment Co offers everything you need to not only care for your heavy equipment, but to also make sure it is working for you, propelling your small business forward and making this world a better place. By using one of our Cat Rebuild programs, you can affordably breathe new life into old equipment, and effectively breathe new life into your business as well. Call one of our Cat dealers to get started with rebuilding your major Cat machine components today!

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