Spare Parts to Have On-Hand for Your Heavy Equipment: Bearings, Part 2

Spare Parts to Have On-Hand for Your Heavy Equipment: Bearings, Part 2 wagner equipment co

It's hard to believe when you look at a bearing that this tiny component is so integral to the workings of a machine. It is a precise piece of engineering that has been crafted by thousands of man-hours to perfection. These small pieces of metal are so integral, in fact, to the operation of your drivetrain that their malfunction can mean the malfunction of your entire piece of heavy equipment. From trains and planes to ceiling fans, refrigerators, and tools, it is hard to find a piece of machinery that does not have some sort of bearing in it.

Wagner Equipment Co. offers the best Cat parts to have on-hand at your shop, including bearings. We offer all types of bearings, from roller bearings to thrust ball bearings, that have been finely tuned to meet the exact specifications of our heavy equipment. Below, we'll continue our look at why Cat bearings are better than the others. Contact your nearest Wagner location in Colorado, New Mexico, or far west Texas to begin today!




Why Are Cat Bearings So Important?

For such a small part, you might be wondering what is the big deal about bearings. If your bearings are damaged, you can expect downtime and a decrease in performance. So why take care of your bearings?

  • Increase the service life of your Cat machinery
  • Increase the performance of your Cat machinery
  • Offer higher limiting speeds
  • Offer the ability to support heavy loads
  • Reduce the noise and vibration levels of your operating machinery
  • Increase endurance under harsh conditions


Caterpillar spends a lot of time, effort, and money to ensure all Cat parts, including Cat bearings, meet the specific design of the application and component parts. Cat's research and development team puts in countless hours to meet standards that are just not found on other bearings. The result of these efforts is the reduction of Caterpillar heavy equipment repairs. This thus reduces downtime and operating costs. Each bearing is designed to be specific to their function so that your Caterpillar drive train parts work together to produce the results Caterpillar is known for.

What Makes Cat Bearings So Special?

  1. Crown on rolling elements. Cat has engineered a special shape for the bearing rolling element in order to help reduce the high stresses from the use of Cat heavy equipment. The crown has been engineered to help reduce pitting and breakage, which helps with longevity and high-load carrying ability. This allows for the maximum output and use of your Cat machine without worrying about wearing out our Cat parts quickly.
  2. Surface finish. In an effort to reduce friction and thus heat buildup, Caterpillar has added a special surface finish to help increase your Cat bearing lifespan since you now have the optimum amount of control over the oil film on rolling surfaces.
  3. Application-specific designs. Keeping your drivetrain healthy is critical to the overall life of your Cat heavy machinery. Caterpillar has been engineering the best heavy equipment for almost 100 years. Cat understands how machines work and how best to care for them. By ensuring your gears, shafts, and carriers are aligned, you will save money by avoiding the breakdowns that can happen with cheaper bearings.
  4. Debris-resistant material. If you've used your heavy machinery anywhere, you know how easy it is to accumulate dust, dirt, grime, twigs, leaves, and more in your Cat heavy equipment. With this in mind, Caterpillar has designed a debris resistant material in order to protect your bearings from failure. Contaminants and metal pieces also cause undue wear and tear on your Cat machines that can cause your bearings to wear out sooner. Thus, this debris-resistant material is great for Cat equipment that works in punishing environments.


When you need Cat parts, it's  nice to have a reliable, reputable Cat dealer who can immediately help you get back to serving your customers. We understand the importance, value, and service you offer your customers, and will do everything possible to get you back up and running when the need arises. Our parts warehouses have extensive inventory of the parts you need to keep your Cat machinery up and running, and our shop and field service technicians can help you should you need their assistance.

Wagner Equipment Co. aims to be your full-service Caterpillar dealer, from the moment you contact us for your heavy equipment needs until the moment you no longer own it. We are guided by our values, which include teamwork, excellence, accountability, safety, integrity, and communication. We treat others as we want to be treated, so we make it our mission to go above and beyond in customer service. We have locations all across  Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas.

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