Reasons to Have Cat® Spare Parts On-Hand for Your Heavy Equipment: Batteries

Imagining a world without batteries is like imagining a world without technology. Today Americans buy more than three billion dry-cell batteries a year that power everything from our kids' toys and watches to computers, cell phones, vehicles. and of course, heavy equipment. It's safe to say we'd have a lot less gadgets and not as rich of a life without batteries.

Wagner Equipment Co. offers the best Caterpillar parts, including Cat batteries, online and at all of our locations. Batteries provide the spark of energy that your car, truck, SUV, and machines need to get rolling, so they are essential to your vehicle. We offer many different types of batteries that are engineered to meet your specific needs, from our General Service Line (GSL) batteries designed for light vehicles to our Premium High Output (PHO) batteries designed for our heavy equipment. The selection is extensive, so we invite you to check it out either online or in-person to learn more. Below, we'll review a brief history of batteries and review why you need to have Cat spare batteries on-hand. Visit your nearest Wagner location in Colorado, New Mexico, or far West Texas to get started today!


Fundamentally, batteries store chemical energy that is then converted into electrical energy when you "turn them on," or "use them." The electrons in a battery flow through a conductive path such as a wire, which generates an electrical current that is then used to do work. These electrons are forced to flow through the wire, which then does work along the way, such as light an incandescent bulb. When you plug in your cell phone, for example, to recharge it, the direction of the flow of electrons along this wire is reversed, resulting in an electrical charge being stored until called upon for use.

Batteries have been around a long time and were the primary source of power before electricity. In fact, it is believed an ancient clay pot found in Baghdad was the first battery that we know of, and it is over 2,000 years old. However, the principles of why batteries work weren't soundly explored until 1780 when an Italian biologist, Luigi Galvani, discovered that when two types of metals came into contact with a dead frog's leg (eeww...), an electrical current ran between them that then caused the dead frog's leg to twitch. 

The first battery was created by another Italian scientist, Alessandro Volta, in 1799 when he stacked layers of zinc, brine-soaked cloth, and silver. Dry batteries were pioneered in 1868 by a Frenchman named Georges Leclanche and perfected by Carl Gassner in 1888. Today's batteries first appeared in 1899 when the nickel-cadmium battery was invented that could store energy, and Thomas Edison created the nickel-iron battery in 1900. Alkaline batteries were developed in 1967, and lithium batteries appeared in 1971 with further refinements throughout the years.


  • Prevent costly breakdowns. Any time your heavy equipment goes down because of a battery failure, the repercussions may extend the entire length of your job site, depending on what you are actually doing and how integral your heavy equipment is. By having a spare Cat battery, you can ensure that your breakdown is a minor hiccup versus a full-blown cold.
  • Saves time. Usually your battery will go down when you need it. This is because you often don't know that your battery is ready to fail until that one day when you go to start your heavy equipment, and it doesn't. This can delay all of your operations as you work to find a Cat replacement battery sooner rather than later.
  • Saves money. From having to pay an employee to visit the nearest Wagner facility to having employees standing around waiting for the new battery to arrive, you can almost see the dollar signs scroll by. With a spare Cat battery on-hand, you'll save money in the long run.
  • Saves you frustrations. Many people underestimate the toll that stress and frustrations can take on their health, their attitude, and their overall job performance. Some people get extremely upset when things don't go as planned. If you are one of those people, it's most definitely a good idea to invest in a spare Cat battery and save your health and well-being.


There's something to be said for those who are prepared. It saves you a lot of time, effort, energy, and headaches. Wagner Equipment Co. makes it extremely easy to have Cat spare parts on-hand so that you can rest assured that when something breaks, you are prepared. From Cat engine parts and fluids to Cat drive trains and cylinder seals, we've got your needs covered. You can shop at any of our locations, or online 24/7, and you can utilize our convenient Cat Drop Box network to have your parts waiting for you when you need them. 

Our expert team has years of experience to help you find the right Cat parts for your heavy equipment. They can also answer all of your questions when you are looking to invest in a piece of new, used, or rental equipment.

In addition to parts stocked at a ll of our location's parts departments, we also have fully-equipped shops at each store, and offer over 235 field service technicians who can come to your location and service your heavy equipment, saving you even more time, effort, energy, and hassle in dragging it in. We have a wide selection of Cat attachments, from a simple bucket to a snow plow, brushcutter, and more. You can use these attachments to add versatility to your heavy machinery. In addition, you can rent Cat attachments for short-term projects, as well as partner with our sister company, SITECH Rocky Mountain for construction software and machine control solutions, as well as surveying equipment.

Wagner Equipment Co. is your Caterpillar dealer and aims to make buying and owning Cat heavy equipment simple, easy, and affordable. If you are interested in partnering with us, contact your nearest Wagner location in Colorado, New Mexico, or far west Texas to get started today!