The New Cat® App

Equipment Management in the Palm of your Hand

The new Cat mobile app is designed to be the companion app to the web portal. The app allows you a quick and easy way to contact Wagner Equipment Co., manage your equipment and access multiple Caterpillar systems (including Designed to be a light-weight telematics tool, the Cat app displays basic fleet information, asset hours, and locations. Additional features of the Cat app include “self-serve” Product Link device ordering and install instructions, and keyless start for next-generation Cat machines.

This new Cat app allows you to access equipment data anytime, anywhere, no matter the job. The Cat app’s simplified and streamlined data is delivered directly to your mobile device, helping you monitor your Cat machines' locations and functionality, react quicker to fault code alerts, and maximize your uptime on site. If you are looking for a modern, efficient way to monitor your fleet and other equipment, we've got you covered. And if run into any issues. Wagner Equipment Co. is here to help you troubleshoot our new equipment management app from Cat.