Heavy equipment and recycling are two topics that are closely intertwined. While heavy equipment is used to help with the physical labor of collecting and processing recyclable materials, it is also essential in the recycling process itself. Understanding the role that heavy equipment plays in recycling is key to understanding how to best use and maintain it.

We at Wagner Equipment Co. are mindful of the need for all of us to reduce our carbon footprint. We are proud to provide top-quality Cat equipment for our customers, as Caterpillar is a leader in the industry, continually designing and engineering its equipment to get more work done while decreasing emissions. Whether you are in recycling, construction, landscaping, mining, or other industry that uses heavy equipment, contact Wagner Equipment Co., your Caterpillar dealer for Colorado, New Mexico, and far west Texas, to get the best new, used, and rental heavy equipment for your needs. Below, learn more about how Cat heavy equipment is used in recycling.

how heavy equipment is used in the recycling process
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The Collection of Recyclable Materials

The first step in recycling is collecting recyclable materials. Heavy equipment is used to transport recyclables from their original location to the recycling center. Typically, this involves the use of large trucks, such as garbage trucks or flatbeds, to transport the materials. Depending on the type of material, different types of equipment may be used. For example, large front-end loaders are ideal for collecting large amounts of recyclable materials, such as cardboard boxes or plastic bottles. Wagner Equipment Co. offers many different types of heavy machinery that is used in recycling, from dump trucks to skid steer loaders. Inquire today.

Sorting Recyclable Materials

Once the materials have been collected, they must then be sorted and processed. Heavy equipment is again used for this step, as it is essential for separating various types of materials. This can involve the use of conveyor belts, sorting machines, or other specialized equipment. It is important to make sure that the machinery is kept in good working order, as any breakdowns or malfunctions could lead to the loss of valuable materials. Wagner Equipment Co. offers many types of conveyors and screeners to help sort recyclable materials. Learn more today.

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Recycling Process

The next step in the recycling process is the actual recycling of the materials. Heavy equipment is used for this step as well, as it is necessary for breaking down and compacting the materials. This usually involves the use of balers or compactors, which compress the materials into a more manageable form. The compacted materials are then ready to be transported to a recycling center, where they can be used to create new products. Caterpillar also makes landfill compactors in order to responsibly manage waste products that cannot be recycled. Our Cat 836K landfill compactor helps ensure that the maximum amount of trash fits in spaces in landfills in order to conserve space and minimize damage to the environment.

Transport to Companies That Use Recycled Materials

After the recycling process has been completed, the recycled materials are then transported to companies that use the material in their products. This includes aluminum can manufacturers and bottle manufacturers. Heavy trucks are usually used in this step. The recycled materials that cannot be reused are transported to the appropriate disposal facility. This ensures that the materials are disposed of properly and not left to contaminate the environment.

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Heavy equipment and recycling are two topics that are closely intertwined. Understanding how to best use and maintain the heavy equipment used in the recycling process is essential for ensuring that recyclables are collected and processed efficiently and safely. By familiarizing yourself with the role of heavy equipment in the recycling process, you can help to make sure that recyclables are handled properly and that the environment is protected.

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