7 Benefits of Using Remanufactured Heavy Equipment Parts

7 Benefits of Using Remanufactured Heavy Equipment Parts

When a piece of heavy machinery in your fleet breaks down, you have a few options for getting back on schedule. While you may be inclined to choose new parts or even replace the equipment entirely, you should consider another avenue — remanufactured parts from a reliable dealer.

Using remanufactured heavy equipment parts is an eco-friendly, cost-effective and highly efficient way to renew your most trusted machinery. This in-depth guide will answer all your questions about reman parts, including the process of remanufacturing parts and their various benefits. Plus, you’ll learn where to find the highest quality reman parts near you.

What Does It Mean if a Part Is Remanufactured?

A remanufactured part is a restored and refurbished component of a machine. This process allows you to take non-functional or worn parts from a piece of equipment and restore them back to working condition. “Working condition” is defined as the component’s original specifications, thereby maintaining its warranty.

If you’ve heard of remanufacturing, you may have also heard of reconditioning. Remanufacturing and reconditioning are two different processes. Reconditioning involves replacing non-functional components, which voids the product’s warranty. Remanufacturing is a more intricate process where parts are returned to working condition rather than replaced. This is one of the biggest reasons to consider remanufactured parts over reconditioned parts.

The Process of Remanufacturing Parts

How do you rework a piece of equipment using reman parts? The heavy equipment parts remanufacturing process is broken up into these stages:

  • Disassembly, sorting and inspection: First, the equipment is disassembled. Each part undergoes a thorough inspection to determine whether it’s reusable. Then, the parts are sorted to prepare them for remanufacturing.
  • Cleaning: The second step involves cleaning each component thoroughly. Special treatments, including ultrasonic cleaning, sandblasting and hot water treatments, ensure the parts are pristine before the next step.
  • Reconditioning and replacement: If parts of the equipment were disposed of because they were unrepairable, the worker will replace them with new parts. Technicians will recondition other components through grinding, galvanizing and other appropriate methods.
  • Reassembly: Once the parts have been restored to their original state, the equipment is reassembled with the new and repaired components.
  • Testing: The last step of the process is to run a performance test. The product must meet warranty requirements and original standards. If any errors occur, the problems are addressed, and the component will be retested as many times as necessary until it’s deemed acceptable.

Why Choose Remanufactured Parts for Your Fleet

If you’re interested in the idea of using reman parts for your fleet, you should note the many advantages of doing so. From environmental advantages to economic benefits, these are the top reasons to consider remanufactured parts:

Why Choose Remanufactured Parts for Your Fleet

1. Save Money on Repairs

Using remanufactured parts for your heavy equipment can significantly reduce spending on new components. Sometimes, you can save an entire machine or tool by repairing it with remanufactured parts. Instead of paying top dollar to replace the entire machine, you can repair the parts that need fixing at a fraction of the cost.

2. Extend Product Life Span

Remanufacturing your parts brings new life to a reliable piece of equipment. This approach renews the product’s life cycle, allowing you to continue using parts you can count on. If you like how your heavy machinery works, you can keep enjoying its functionality with reman parts — there’s no need to choose new equipment you aren’t used to using.

3. Improve Product Quality

When products are remanufactured, they’re reworked to meet strict requirements. In many ways, your remanufactured equipment will perform better than it did before. Through state-of-the-art technology and methods, your parts are guaranteed to be restored and upgraded at the same time.

4. Lower Cost of Ownership

Choosing remanufactured parts can lower the cost of ownership of heavy equipment. The parts are competitively priced — you can get a machine that works just as well as a new one for a fraction of the price. This is a smart way to cut costs without sacrificing quality, especially if you’re a small business or individual contractor looking for ways to save money on equipment.

5. Minimize Waste

When you scrap an entire piece of equipment to replace it, you produce a lot of unnecessary waste. Remanufacturing is better for the environment and keeps heavy machinery out of landfills. Similarly, remanufacturing is a green process that can greatly reduce your carbon footprint. The process of remanufacturing could save 60% of the electric energy required to produce a new component.

6. Experience Less Downtime

Remanufactured parts for heavy equipment can be installed quickly — even parts that need major refurbishing are ready in a timely manner. Parts can be delivered to you shortly, meaning there’s less downtime on the job waiting for repairs. In comparison, when ordering a new piece of equipment, you need to wait for stock and delivery time.

7. Maintain Product Warranty

One of the biggest advantages of choosing to use remanufactured equipment parts is that it preserves your warranty. Because the product is being restored to preset specifications that align with your warranty, you’re still eligible for the services and other benefits that come with your warranty.

Get Remanufactured Cat® Parts From Wagner Equipment Co.

By choosing to invest in reman parts, you can take products at the end of their service life and bring them back to working order, allowing you to keep the tools you trust for longer.

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Get Remanufactured Cat® Parts From Wagner Equipment Co.