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Undercarriage, GET, Wear Parts & More

Most of us know first-hand the wear and tear that heavy machinery can take day-in and day-out. From pushing gravel along asphalt to tilling up fields, digging up coal, felling trees, and shoveling dirt to and fro, your Caterpillar heavy equipment can definitely take a beating making this world a better place for all of us to live.

Wagner Equipment Co. offers the best aftermarket parts solutions, including for your undercarriage, GET (Ground Engaging Tools), wear parts, and so much more. We have dozens of dealers throughout Colorado, New Mexico, and far West Texas that can help you with all your Cat needs, from new and used heavy equipment and heavy equipment rentals to Cat parts and maintenance service. Our team has been serving our customers since 1976, staying true to our values, which have helped us become the trusted name for Caterpillar dealers. Contact us for the reliable service you have come to know. Call today!

Our Aftermarket Parts Solutions

  • Undercarriage
  • GET (Ground Engaging Tools)
  • Wear parts
  • Batteries
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The undercarriage of your heavy machinery is responsible for moving those thousands of pounds of machinery around. While these component Cat parts are relatively simple, they all fit together to ensure your Cat machine can conquer all types of terrain effortlessly and fearlessly without fail. That being said, because of the job we ask this part of the Cat machine to do, the undercarriage will need constant maintenance and repairs over the lifetime of your machine.

Caterpillar is the only heavy equipment manufacturer to engineer our own undercarriages for all of our heavy equipment — a fact we are quite proud of. We have built them out of the best Caterpillar parts to last. We at Wagner Equipment Co understand that your undercarriage is a major part of your repair expenses. This is why Caterpillar offers several options for your undercarriage. One is our Heavy Duty Extended Life (HDXL) undercarriage, which is available for Cat dozers. This features a larger diameter bushing, a track roller, and sprocket segments to increase the life of your undercarriage. Another option Caterpillar offers is an abrasion undercarriage, which is a maintenance-free track. Learn more, and contact one of our Cat dealers today!

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Ground Engaging Tools, or GETs, are what do the actual work of your Cat machine, whether you are using a bucket, an auger, a tiller, or a hammer. They are what make your Cat machine versatile since they are (for the most part) interchangeable between Cat machines. As such, these GETs can take a lot of beatings from their constant contact with work materials, the earth, and other forces. They can also wear out quickly, which is why their care is of the utmost importance.

Caterpillar has been an innovator in helping to prolong the life of these important component Cat parts. We’ve innovated a hammerless Cat system that simplifies installation with retention components and adapters. This system is called our Cat Advansys, which is designed to handle the toughest jobs. In addition, Caterpillar has created our GraderBit edge system that is made for motor graders that are performing work in remote, unpaved areas or that are pushing materials around. They can handle up to 20 times the punishment of a standard blade edge. At Wagner Equipment Co, we are here to help you do your work efficiently and cost-effectively. Call one of our Caterpillar dealers for help choosing your GET tool and edging today!

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Let’s face it, without your heavy equipment’s battery, you wouldn’t go anywhere. The battery is what provides the needed electrical jolt to get the electrical components fired up, which then powers the internal combustion engine to get your heavy equipment moving. By having the proper Cat battery in your piece of machinery, you can be sure that you’re not left out in the cold. Our batteries are manufactured specifically for our machines. They are high-quality and are readily available at most Cat parts stores.

In general, we offer two types of Cat batteries for you to choose from: our premium high-output battery or a general service line option that is designed more for light-duty jobs, such as for your truck. Our premium batteries, on the other hand, provide higher starting output and vibration resistance. These are perfect to endure super cold days and nights, as well as extreme heat conditions. In addition, our UPS batteries are designed to power hospitals and other critical control industries during a power outage, as well as protect sensitive computer or manufacturing equipment. If you have questions, one of Wagner Equipment’s Cat dealers will be happy to help. Reach out today!

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Wear parts speak for themselves. They are Cat parts that show the most wear, and as a heavy equipment owner, it’s super important to monitor the wear on these parts in order to ensure your Cat machine is operating optimally. If you don’t, you could see inefficiencies, more fuel used, and more breakdowns as a result — which, let’s face it, no one wants.

Our technicians at Wagner Equipment Co will be the first to tell you that replacing your wear parts on time is crucial. By choosing the best wear parts, which include Caterpillar’s undercarriage, GETs, and batteries, your heavy equipment will never fail you. We offer a variety of wear parts to protect your heavy equipment that will cut down on wear, drastically improving the longevity of your Cat machine. From Auger Cutting Edges to Plastic Hammer Wear Plates and more, we’ve got your every need covered. If you are looking for the best Cat parts, we offer a wide selection, from remanufactured parts to used heavy equipment and engine parts. We also offer Cat parts drop boxes where you can pick up the Cat parts you need on your schedule. If you are in need of genuine Cat parts, check out our Cat Parts store today!

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Wagner Equipment Co. is proud to offer aftermarket parts solutions, which include undercarriage, GET, wear parts, and more. As a Caterpillar dealer, we offer new, used, and heavy equipment for your use, whether you are a landscaper that needs to move dirt around, or you are a demolition contractor that knocks down buildings for a living. We are an all-inclusive Caterpillar dealer, helping you every step of the way on the journey of your heavy equipment ownership life.

From the moment you call us to learn more till the moment you no longer own your Cat machine, our mission is to offer you the best customer support, service department, technological solutions, Cat parts, and more to make running your business or performing your weekend cleanup easier.

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We offer Ag machines, work tools, crushing and screening, trailer products, and so much more. We offer machine control systems through our partner company, SITECH Rocky Mountain, and we offer fluids analysis and other tools to ensure your heavy equipment is in the best working order. Our power systems will keep you operating 24/7 and in the worst weather. We understand that you need reliable heavy equipment, from new to used and rental, to continue to make a difference in your world. Contact a local Cat dealer near you today!

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